Bad A$$ Bi*ch Essential Oil Bundle


Bad A$$ Bi*ch Essential Oil Bundle


for those that know me (and those that don't) I am a total yogi and all namaste, but I say f*ck a lot and can be rather snarky and a bit crass from time to time. soooo, i came up with a snarky bundle to buy for the snarky queens in your inner circle. it is called the Bad A$$ Bi*ch Bundle and comes with an affirmation card + (5) 3ml size rollerball essential oil blends. All blends are certified organic essential oils blended with therapeutic grade fractionated coconut oil.

calm your tits: a calming + soft blend of lavender, sweet orange, cedarwood + frankincense.

straighten your crown bi*ch: for help focusing, a blend of peppermint + wild orange.

and by that I mean…: an anti-exhaustion blend of eucalyptus, rosemary + grapefruit.

big girl panties: a clarity building blend of rosemary, lemon + cypress.

go the eff to sleep: a sweet mellow blend of lavender, sandalwood + roman chamomile.

the blends have funny names, but are still the wonderful smells thoughtfully crafted for your enjoyment!

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