al·che·mist - ˈalkəməst/ - noun

  1. a person who practices alchemy. a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

A few of the biggest helpers in my recovery toolbox have been essential oil blends and crystals. When I am struggling or in an awkward place, I can always reach for one of those items to help get me out of my head and back to myself.

While there are many great essential oil blends available out there, I finally came to a place where I realized I would like to try on alchemy for size.  I did some research on how to blend oils and what was needed and I stocked up on a boat load of organic essential oils from my favorite company and I got to work.


I began by blending my favorites and adding more drops, letting the blends settle, and then deciding if I should add more or less the second round. Low and behold I have found that I LOVE the meditative practice of blending the oils and decided I wanted to create some blends to share with you.

So here we are - please check out my marketplace for more information on the blends I have created. I will be continually adding new and interesting blends to the lineup so be sure to check back often and sign up with your email to receive info when new blends come out! 

In terms of crystals, wow, where do I begin? I was introduced to crystals and the deep meanings behind them by my dear friend and teacher Sasha Korellis. She is an amazing mala maker and created several mala's for me that turned my interest in crystals into a complete and total love affair with learning more about the meaning and uses for these beautiful shiny little rocks. 

I have many crystals to choose from in my marketplace - the inventory will be changing regularly so check back often. These crystals have been sourced by a few lovely women introduced to me by Sasha. I have meditated over these crystals and they have been powered up by a few full moons as well. When you put one of these crystals in your cart, I will hand select one for you from the particular group you are requesting. It will come with a write up about the particular stone and its intention.